Wave 3 Carte Blanche Moshlings Collection released!

Hey guys! Epic news! The new plushes have been released on Amazon! This brand new wave includes:

  • Willow
  • Ecto
  • Leo
  • Tomba

Wave 3 Blance

We also saw a preview with Hansel, Oddie, and White Fang, which are possibly coming out in Wave 4!

What do you guys think? Let us know in the comments! Keep on Maxin!

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Secret Code Alert! 3 New Secret Codes!

Hey guys! Two new secret codes have been released, giving you two now BRAND new items that are unobtainable anywhere else!

The codes are:

Codes Issue 49

  • SOFUZZY This will get you a Cow from Sludge Street Rug (only rug that is treated as a poster)
  • GOZOOMThe SG Plane (based on Simon Growl’s jet)
  • BAGGAGE  236 Rox

New Moshi Figures, Seeds, and More!

Hey guys! Recently, we have found an art blog that shows us designs of upcoming Moshi stuff! To figure packets, to seeds, even to Baby Moshlings! Well, lets get started. First, we have a brand new figure series, if you would say, an expansion to the regular figure series.

The Magnificent Moshi Circus!

They are set to release in the Summer of 2015, a little bit after the Food Facory Figures that come out in January 2015!

Here are the designs for the products and the characters that will appear in that series.

The figures you can collect are:

  • Dr. C. Fingz
  • DJ Quack
  • Woolly
  • Holmes
  • Rebus
  • Flora
  • Roxy
  • Flitter
  • Bruce
  • Pocito
  • Clump 1
  • Peppy
  • Clump 2
  • Shed
  • Travis
  • Fopkin

Next on our list, we have some seeds! We can kinda guess who they belong too, but these are predictions, not the real Moshling attracted to the Seed.

Last but certainly not least, we have some sets! There is one brand new set, but the others are already known, we just know the confirmed Moshlings and the set background!

First, we have Pipa in the Happies set!

HappiesNext, we have Jiggy and Tumbles in the Puzzlies set!


Also, we have Eugene, Pipsi, Splitz, and Squelch in the Fruities set!


Next in line, Quincy, Threddie, Snuggy, and Fopkin in the Fuzzies set!


Last, but not least, we have Nancy, Gumdrop, and Benedict in the Gifties set!


Wow! Lots of excited things mentioned here in this post! What was your favorite? Comment down below to let us know! Keep Maxing!


Raffy user found?

As a lot of you have been wondering, who owns Raffy? The possible user has been found and I give a MASSIVE credit to my awesome friend Mariojoe11 over at the Moshi Monsters Wiki for this amazing find. The user’s name is to be known as bjornsquishy; with a few other current unobtainable Moshlings. He may have hacked? We don’t know. But one thing is for sure- we can now see the Raffy Moshling for ourselves! Here is a screenshot of the Raffy Moshling- again provided by Mariojoe11. Take a look!


Brand New Moshlings! First looks!

Hey guys! Sorry for the lack of posts recently, I have been busy with school, and Moshi hasen’t really been updated recently, other that the SUPER COOL new Halloween Daily Growl and Monstro City! Anyway, lets continue.

These are all the confirmed names for the Moshlings! They were first spotted in the 100% Moshlings Magazine.

Thanks for reading and keep on Maxing!

*Note: All images are provided from the Moshi Monsters Wiki*


100,000 Views! Party Time! Win a Mrs. Snoodle Code!

Hey guys! We have just hit 100,000 views! Before we get onto the party let’s cover what we’ve added from 90,000 views to this big goal to celebrate, we’ve added…

  • A bulletin widget.
  • A Moshling Rescue Page (located under apps.)
  • A Mash Up Party Page
  • A ‘Write For Us’ Page (located under monthly competitions.)

Time for the party!
Every few hours or so we’ll update this post mentioned the giveaways for the day as there will be one or two giveaways a day, for three days!

To start it all off, our first giveaway is a code for Mrs. Snoodle! All you need to do to enter is comment below and we’ll put you in a random prize draw where there will be one lucky winner! There will be rox codes for a few people who didn’t win.

Mrs. SnoodleEnjoy the giveaway!