Moshling Rescue

Moshling Rescue is a free to play 3 match game brought to you by Mind Candy. Match your way through unique, colourful levels of puzzle action to rescue and collect super-cute Moshlings!

When Big Bad Bill and his mischievous Woolly Blue Hoodoos trigger an eruption at the Volcano, Monstro City is buried under a shower of gummies! Can you dig the town out from its sticky prison and rescue the Moshlings trapped inside? You’ll be joining Monstro City’s newest hero, Ellie, as you explore unique game modes and spectacular new worlds.

You can play your way through dozens of mind-bendingly moreish match puzzles, with many more on the way! You’ll need to beat back Big Bad Bill in talent-testing Boss levels and conquer the Home levels to lead Moshlings to freedom; all while executing perfect combo-matches to create awesome, explosive chain reactions!

Jump in to help your Facebook friends or compete for the top spot in your own Moshling Rescue league! To unlock permanent boosts you’ll need to venture off the main path and play special bonus levels.

Join in the fun now!



Match your way through unique, colourful levels of puzzle action to rescue and collect super-cute Moshlings!


Mix and match gummies in combinations of three or more to win points and unlock rewards as you progress! Place three or more gummies of the same colour next to each other and they will burst to award points.


Moshlings are super cute critters, that need you to rescue them from the gummy eruption.


Jellybeans are social currency and can be used to buy special boosts and lives. You can request Jellybeans from your Facebook friends, buy them with diamonds, win them on treasure levels or earn them by completing Moshling sets.



Once you’ve completed a set of levels you may come across a Star Gate. To pass through to the next level, you’ll need to have earned a certain number of stars. You can earn a maximum of 3 stars on every level you play – the higher your score, the more stars. If you reach a star gate with too few stars to open in, you can re-visit previous levels to earn more ror spend your diamonds to go straight through.






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