After 2 long years – we’re back!


Hello everyone, (if you still come here.. which I doubt) Moshi Max is back! Now, I know what you’re probably thinking. “Why are they here, Moshi is inactive!” but, currently, they aren’t as inactive as they were. We’ve recently got a new Moshi Monsters book released, which I will talk about in a post to to come.

We all here at Moshi Max (currently only Brantan3478 and I) believe that this will lead into the resurrection of Moshi Monsters. Make sure to come back for more updates!


Moshi Monsters Gardening!

All information here is provided by the Moshi Monsters Wiki and found by Carwyn!


Moshi Monsters Gardening is a range of gardening tools aimed to help fans of Moshi Monsters aged between five and ten start gardening, released on October 18th 2014 and manufactured by TCV.

You can check out the website here

Are you guys going to get any gardening equipment? Let us know in the comments!

New Moshi Figures, Seeds, and More!

Hey guys! Recently, we have found an art blog that shows us designs of upcoming Moshi stuff! To figure packets, to seeds, even to Baby Moshlings! Well, lets get started. First, we have a brand new figure series, if you would say, an expansion to the regular figure series.

The Magnificent Moshi Circus!

They are set to release in the Summer of 2015, a little bit after the Food Facory Figures that come out in January 2015!

Here are the designs for the products and the characters that will appear in that series.

The figures you can collect are:

  • Dr. C. Fingz
  • DJ Quack
  • Woolly
  • Holmes
  • Rebus
  • Flora
  • Roxy
  • Flitter
  • Bruce
  • Pocito
  • Clump 1
  • Peppy
  • Clump 2
  • Shed
  • Travis
  • Fopkin

Next on our list, we have some seeds! We can kinda guess who they belong too, but these are predictions, not the real Moshling attracted to the Seed.

Last but certainly not least, we have some sets! There is one brand new set, but the others are already known, we just know the confirmed Moshlings and the set background!

First, we have Pipa in the Happies set!

HappiesNext, we have Jiggy and Tumbles in the Puzzlies set!


Also, we have Eugene, Pipsi, Splitz, and Squelch in the Fruities set!


Next in line, Quincy, Threddie, Snuggy, and Fopkin in the Fuzzies set!


Last, but not least, we have Nancy, Gumdrop, and Benedict in the Gifties set!


Wow! Lots of excited things mentioned here in this post! What was your favorite? Comment down below to let us know! Keep Maxing!


Brand New Moshlings! First looks!

Hey guys! Sorry for the lack of posts recently, I have been busy with school, and Moshi hasen’t really been updated recently, other that the SUPER COOL new Halloween Daily Growl and Monstro City! Anyway, lets continue.

These are all the confirmed names for the Moshlings! They were first spotted in the 100% Moshlings Magazine.

Thanks for reading and keep on Maxing!

*Note: All images are provided from the Moshi Monsters Wiki*


Possible Food Factory Playset!

Hey guys! As you may know, the Series 11 promotional site has a preview of what could be a Food Factory playset of some sort. The first preview was spotted here, and can be seen below. 

Food Factory 1


There, it features from left to right, Pinestein, Carter, Micro Dave, Hot Wings, and Oddie. But, brantan3478 got a new preview, showing some silhouettes of Moshlings! Check it out below!

Food Factory 2


Here from left to right, we have: Fizzy, Squelch, Hansel, Oddie, and a possible new Moshling (Note: this could just be the eggplant from the Food Factory Pizza game, but with arms and legs. We are not sure at the moment.)

What do you guys think this means? New Food Factory playset, or even maybe a big update for the Food Factory on the Moshi game! Let us know in the comments!


Fuddy the Pudgy Fubbly OUT NOW!

Hey guys! Today, after 2 issues of the Moshi Monsters Magazine, Fuddy is out in the Smilies set! That means we have completed yet another old set! If you don’t know how to catch Fuddy, please read the info below:

Fuddy the Pudgy Fubbly is a brand new Moshling found in the brand new Moshi Monsters Magazines, and is the mascot for the Moshi Foundation! He will be spreading their message all around Monstro City. In every issue of the Moshi Monsters Magazine, one lucky reader will receive the exclusive seed code for Fuddy in return for doing a charitable or kind deed.

Smilies Fuddy

So that’s all that’s it to it! Send them an email about your kind deed, and you may land yourself a Fuddy seed code!


Personality- Generous, enthused, and handyFuddy 1

Biography- Always eager to help, Pudgy Fubbles love performing random acts of kindness. Don’t be surprised if you see one helping an old monster across the road using a neon lollipop sign, or fixing a lamp post with a giant rubber hammer because they keep loads of handy things in their magical dungarees.

Likes- Squeezing noses and cuddling

Dislikes- Mean monsters and balloon animals

Habitat- Pudgy Fubbles love helping out all over Monstro City and beyond but they are thought to come from Duddy Dale.

What do you guys think about this big-nosed Moshling? Let us know in the comments!


Even More New Moshlings! And Mash Up Party Tins!

Hey guys! Today, some of our friends on the Moshi Monsters Wiki were looking at the new Moshi Monsters Mash Up Party cards! And MarioJoe11 found this awesome page, telling us about the two brand new tins that you can purchase. There is a purple one, and a blue one, shown below.

Mash Up Party Mini Tins

In each tin contains 24 Mash up Party Cards, 4 Mini Scenes & Stickers plus 2 limited edition cards! Now, something that really gets you to buy these, is that the limited edition cards are new Moshlings!

If you buy the Blue Mini Tin, the Limited Edition cards you will receive are:

Pinestein and Kazzi 

As you can tell, Kazzi is a new name, that we have never heard of. We know nothing about this Moshling other than the name.

If you buy the Purple Mini Tin, the Limited Edition cards you will receive are:

Fopkin and MishMash

These are two new names, that could either be Moshlings, or Monsters. We do not know at this moment. Who do you guys think these names belong to? Let us know in the comments!


Image belongs to Budeyboy5000

P.S You can get the BRAND NEW Moshling Loomy if you purchase the Mash Up Party Starter Binder! (Loomy currently is not released, so do not use the code until she is released.)


Series 11 Countdown – Day 10 – Lips the Duck-Billed Brattypus

Banner S11

Hello everyone! Today is the tenth day of the Series 11 countdown! This countdown will last till the 29rd of August, so be prepared for a post everyday!

Today's Moshling Is


Lips the Duck-Billed Brattypus


Personality- Raucous, stroppy and radical7

Biography-They are never seen without their skateboards, Duck-Billed Brattypuses can travel at incredible speeds using their tails as makeshift propellers. And that’s just as well because these daring little Moshlings love setting up ramps and performing sick tricks. Sometimes they even upload videos of themselves hitting the sidewalk beak-first to GooTube. Ouch! You can find them by heading to the nearest abandoned swimming pool.



Habitat- hang out on cardboard thrones in the Barmy Swami Jungle.


Series 11 Countdown – Day 9 – King Brian the Dandy Lion

Banner S11

Hello everyone! Today is the nineth day of the Series 11 countdown! This countdown will last till the 29rd of August, so be prepared for a post everyday!

Today's Moshling Is

King BrianName


King Brian

King Brian the Dandy Lion


Personality- Regal, snooty, deluded8

Biography-Take a bow because Dandy Lions are convinced they are descendants of Emperor Meow, the legendary Regal Roarer who once ruled over the Barmy Swami Jungle. But they’re not. They’re just silly little Moshlings who enjoy wearing Twistmas cracker crowns and waving at passers by. All hail!

Likes- Shaking paws and tinfoil medals

Dislikes- Press intrusion and commoners

Habitat- Some Dandy Lions make ends meet by performing at Fopkin Circus but most hang out on cardboard thrones in the Barmy Swami Jungle.

King Brian Figure


Stay tuned in for tomorrow, as Day 10 will be right here on Moshi Max!