About Moshi Max – History

Moshi Max was founded on September 1st 2013 by Brantan3478 and officially opened on September 19th 2013 with help of many workers such as Reggie2524, Angrybird12346 and others.

October 2013 was a start to Moshi Max, not much happened during this month, MMX was themed for the celebration of Halloween and the Moshis VS Ghosts event. Moshi Max held their very first Monster costume competition.

                                   November 2013 Moshi Max quickly exited BETA, during this time many workers were hired, left, fired and came back. Moshi Max launched new themes celebrating the release of Katsuma Unleashed, and much more.

December 2013 was a fun and exciting time for Moshi Max, launching their very first advent calendar and Moshi Max exclusive mini adventure. Moshi Max were all Twistmas-themed with many different headers and backgrounds switched, to mix up the holiday spirit! During this month Moshi Max were stocked up on loads of exclusive information that was shared, they also revealed their very own mascot, Maxwell!

                                        January 2014; a brand new year and the 1 year anniversary of the old site Moshi Mad; the old version of Moshi Max. We found new merchandise and Moshlings at the London Toy Fair and were given the chance to take part in the Series 9 Countdown!

In February 2014, Moshi Max counted down until series 9 was released and joined in with the Hunt For Furnando. Mariojoe11 and Brantan3478 have both found him out of the Moshi Max workers. In this month, Moshi Max updated hugely with a brand new theme, widgets and much more.

                                      In March 2014 Moshi Max posted a large amount of content based on Moshi Village, the Moshi Village Friend Codes page raised Moshi Max’s views a lot and also added a lot of comments. We also discovered some exclusive content on new Moshlings and their sets. Moshi Max got all trimmed up to celebrate the Design A Moshling competition starting!

In April 2014 Moshi Max started lacking in posts, however our views sky-rocketed and we produced exciting content on the Moshi Monsters Movie DVD and the Food Factory.

                     In May 2014 Moshi Max added a variety of widgets and headers to the sidebar and announced two new projects!

In July 2014 Moshi Max released an early W.I.P. version of one of their projects, the Moshling Encyclopedia! Moshi Max were the first on the web to post new images on brand new Moshlings, along with posting the code for Truffle’s seed first on the web also!

                    In August 2014, the Series 11 Countdown took place, (which we failed – sorry guys) we hired a new MMX worker, Sassynut, which has made quite a few posts to date. We come close to our one year anniversary, which is held next Month!

In October 2016, Moshi had started to show signs of returning, and so Moshi Max had returned and started to update again.

Moshi Max now consists of Brantan3478, Reggie2524 and not to forget, many of beloved fans.


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