Moshi Egg Hunt App Poppy Code! New Advertisement! Poppy the Magical Gurgler Information!

Hey everybody! Today an advertisement for the new Moshi Egg Hunt app was released, and oddly enough it revealed the code to unlock Poppy the Magical Gurgler. Usually, you’d have to hatch 30 Moshlings in the app or buy the Moshi Egg Hunt book before being able to hatch Poppy, this is very strange how Moshi have just revealed the code for the ‘final reward’ straight up. Anyway, here’s the code and information on the new Moshling!

Poppy Egg hunt combo.png

Here’s the traits listed for this Moshling:


It is unknown if the name and species, along with the traits of the Moshling will apply to the other 29 possible Moshlings you can get. Only time will tell once many people have hatched more Moshlings or bought the book.

Also, here’s the new advert, I think it’s safe to say it proves all of the 30 new Moshlings have seperate animations, that’s pretty cool.

We’ve also updated the Moshi Egg Hunt App Page, click here to check it out!
That’s all for today! Happy Monstering!


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