Moshi Egg Hunt App Moshling Codes!

Hey everybody! Today I’m here to show you 3 codes for Moshlings in the new Moshi Egg Hunt App. These codes are originally found in the book, which none of us have yet, however we managed to figure out these codes to catch the following Moshlings!


To enter these codes just go onto the Moshi Egg Hunt app and go to the code system which is located on the top right of your screen. From there just enter the code of shapes to unlock that Moshling instantly.
So far, these are the only Moshlings we have codes for, however we’ll report back soon with codes for Pooky, Honey and possibly more! Stay tuned and check out the new Moshi Egg Hunt App page here on Moshi Max, where you can see and keep up to track with an updated list of codes and tips for this app!


5 thoughts on “Moshi Egg Hunt App Moshling Codes!

  1. I love Moshi thank you for your helping me with getting me these 3 new Moshlings for the app I love Moshi I love Moshlings and I love love love this website love you bye

  2. Can you put some more codes for moshi monsters egg hunt app please on your website and private message me on Facebook or instagram
    Facebook: Isabelle Nicola Harley
    Instagram : Isabelle_FB_JB

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