All Custom Egg Hunt Moshlings! 30 New Moshling Designs!

Hey everybody! Exciting news! I suggest you to read the blog post below before reading this one!

The new customized Moshi book is about going to search for a Moshling with the same name as you, the Moshling found at the end of the book is supposedly unique. With a big thank you to Mariojoe11 and Rosscp from the Moshi Monsters Wiki, we’re here to show you all possible 30 Moshling designs that could appear at the end of the book and are set to appear in the brand new Moshi Egg Hunt app!

Here are all 30 of the possible Moshling designs that could appear in the Moshi Monsters Egg Hunt personalized book!

That’s a lot of Moshlings, though only one will appear in the end of the book. It’s quite a shame we’re only limited to one Moshling.

To obtain one of these Moshlings in the Moshi Egg Hunt app, you either need to use a code from the book or hatch 30 Moshlings in the app!

These Moshlings are unlikely to be added to the main online game, but if they do eventually get added by any chance, there are some Moshlings that will fit nicely into some existing Moshling sets, like the mountain Moshling going in the Frosties and the teapot Moshling going in the Potties!

That’s all for now, stay tuned for some more exciting news and reveals!


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