Welcome to Moshi Max!



Welcome to Moshi Max!

Moshi Max is one of the best Moshi fan-blogs out there in the small Moshi corner of the internet. Our goal is to supply you, yes you, with the latest Moshi news… to the max!

From secret codes to new Moshlings – we have it all! Feel free to browse around and increase your knowledge about us and Moshi Monsters.

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How To Get Pooky and Honey On Moshi Egg Hunt! More Moshi Egg Hunt Moshling Codes!

Hey guys, I’m here today to bring you the final two Moshling (other than custom Moshlings) codes for the Moshi Egg Hunt app! The following codes will unlock Honey and Pooky!

That’s all for new, keep on the lookout for more information regarding Moshi Egg Hunt right here on Moshi Max!

Moshi Egg Hunt App Poppy Code! New Advertisement! Poppy the Magical Gurgler Information!

Hey everybody! Today an advertisement for the new Moshi Egg Hunt app was released, and oddly enough it revealed the code to unlock Poppy the Magical Gurgler. Usually, you’d have to hatch 30 Moshlings in the app or buy the Moshi Egg Hunt book before being able to hatch Poppy, this is very strange how Moshi have just revealed the code for the ‘final reward’ straight up. Anyway, here’s the code and information on the new Moshling!

Poppy Egg hunt combo.png

Here’s the traits listed for this Moshling:


It is unknown if the name and species, along with the traits of the Moshling will apply to the other 29 possible Moshlings you can get. Only time will tell once many people have hatched more Moshlings or bought the book.

Also, here’s the new advert, I think it’s safe to say it proves all of the 30 new Moshlings have seperate animations, that’s pretty cool.

We’ve also updated the Moshi Egg Hunt App Page, click here to check it out!
That’s all for today! Happy Monstering!


Moshi Egg Hunt App Moshling Codes!

Hey everybody! Today I’m here to show you 3 codes for Moshlings in the new Moshi Egg Hunt App. These codes are originally found in the book, which none of us have yet, however we managed to figure out these codes to catch the following Moshlings!


To enter these codes just go onto the Moshi Egg Hunt app and go to the code system which is located on the top right of your screen. From there just enter the code of shapes to unlock that Moshling instantly.
So far, these are the only Moshlings we have codes for, however we’ll report back soon with codes for Pooky, Honey and possibly more! Stay tuned and check out the new Moshi Egg Hunt App page here on Moshi Max, where you can see and keep up to track with an updated list of codes and tips for this app!



Hey everybody, since Moshi Max is just kicking back up, we’re gonna be making minor changes around the site. Page changes, new pages, new graphics. Some of the site will look a bit unfinished for the next few weeks as we’re working hard to make Moshi Max the best it can be. It’ll take a while as there are only two of us.
We’re currently working on new headers for the widgets on the side bar, new signatures and a new app page. Stay tuned.

All Custom Egg Hunt Moshlings! 30 New Moshling Designs!

Hey everybody! Exciting news! I suggest you to read the blog post below before reading this one!

The new customized Moshi book is about going to search for a Moshling with the same name as you, the Moshling found at the end of the book is supposedly unique. With a big thank you to Mariojoe11 and Rosscp from the Moshi Monsters Wiki, we’re here to show you all possible 30 Moshling designs that could appear at the end of the book and are set to appear in the brand new Moshi Egg Hunt app!

Here are all 30 of the possible Moshling designs that could appear in the Moshi Monsters Egg Hunt personalized book!

That’s a lot of Moshlings, though only one will appear in the end of the book. It’s quite a shame we’re only limited to one Moshling.

To obtain one of these Moshlings in the Moshi Egg Hunt app, you either need to use a code from the book or hatch 30 Moshlings in the app!

These Moshlings are unlikely to be added to the main online game, but if they do eventually get added by any chance, there are some Moshlings that will fit nicely into some existing Moshling sets, like the mountain Moshling going in the Frosties and the teapot Moshling going in the Potties!

That’s all for now, stay tuned for some more exciting news and reveals!


New Moshi Book! New App! Moshi Monsters Egg Hunt! New Set? New Moshlings?


Hey everybody! After a long couple of years without any new updates or merchandise, a brand new book has released, full of new art and images created specifically for the book!

The book is like that of a Petlandia book, Petlandia is a new brand by Mind Candy, the creators of Moshi Monsters. When purchasing the book, you can customize it with your own name! The book will be all about searching for the Moshling of your name! You can even include a personalized message in the book. The book also includes trading cards and includes a card with a Moshling with your name!

The book is available on the site linked above and costs £20.00 for paperback and a £28.00 for hardback, the shipping is free and should only take up to 3-5 days to be delivered if you live in the UK, though it will take 7-9 days if you live in the US or Canada.


The Moshling shown at the end of the book is supposedly a unique Moshling, perhaps the Moshling is different in every book? There have been 3 images of “Poppy”, Poppy is the default name for the Moshling that is used to advertise the book, of course the name of the Moshling will be whatever your name is if you buy your own book. Here are the 3 images of “Poppy”, one is just a silhouette.

Interesting! The book also includes secret codes to unlock Moshlings on a brand new Moshi Monsters app, Moshi Egg Hunt! Moshi Egg Hunt is available now for free on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Moshi have lowered the aging of their targeted audience on this app, it is now recommended for children aged 6-8.

The game is quite simple, every day you play a mini-game to get an egg, which you can hatch the next day, you can also play extra mini-games to unlock furniture to place in your house on the app. The app is almost like a washed-down version of the regular Moshi Monsters game, with a lot less features. The app is somewhat updated with Moshling Sets, Mythies being the most recent set you can get Moshlings from and Fuddy being the most recent Moshling you can get. The following links will direct you to the app pages on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, respectively.



The app includes a new Egg Hunt exclusive set, the Friendlies! This seems similar to the Smilies and Happies. It is unknown if this set will make its way into the original online game.

Keep coming back to check the app section of Moshi Max! A new page dedicated to this new app is coming soon!

That’s all the news for now! Enjoy Moshi Max’s new Egg Hunt inspired theme!


After 2 long years – we’re back!


Hello everyone, (if you still come here.. which I doubt) Moshi Max is back! Now, I know what you’re probably thinking. “Why are they here, Moshi is inactive!” but, currently, they aren’t as inactive as they were. We’ve recently got a new Moshi Monsters book released, which I will talk about in a post to to come.

We all here at Moshi Max (currently only Brantan3478 and I) believe that this will lead into the resurrection of Moshi Monsters. Make sure to come back for more updates!